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Two Camel Films

Two Camels Films is the production company of Elizabeth and Emily Dell, based in Los Angeles, California. Their most recent project, called B-GIRL, is a narrative feature film about a female breakdancer.

Mom Corps

Founded in 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia, Mom Corps is a flexible-staffing company that helps companies and professionals that are seeking a flexible work schedule to work together.


The brainchild of New York–based entrepreneur and mother Jennifer Cattaui, Babesta is a lifestyle brand retailing designer children’s fashions and furniture through an online outlet and two brick-and-mortar stores.

Naturally Me

Durham, North Carolina–based Naturally Me develops and sells handmade, all-natural, certified-vegan beauty products, from shampoo and soaps to hand scrub and scented linen spray.

From Ideas to Independence

Microsoft and the National Women’s History Museum have produced a new exhibit about the history of women’s entrepreneurship that honors, teaches and inspires
The number of female-owned businesses grew twice as fast as male-owned businesses between 1997-2007. At the same time, advancements in technology have reduced costs and contributed ease and flexibility to the process of starting and running a business.

Microsoft has partnered with the National Women’s History Museum to develop the online exhibit “ From Ideas to Independence: A Century of Entrepreneurial Women, ” which explores how the experience of America’s female entrepreneurs has evolved over the last century, including the increasingly pivotal role that technology has played.
Read the full blog post

Here are the stories of how four woman-owned businesses, all featured in the exhibit, have used technology to launch, grow and succeed, while maintaining a work-life balance.
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    Film Company Sets the Scene for Improved Productivity with Cloud-Based Business Tools
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    Staffing Firm Uses Online Tools to Boost Productivity for New Hires by 50 Percent
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    Children's Retailer Boosts Productivity by 30 Percent with Cloud-Based Business Tools
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    Beauty Product Company Broadens Reach Through Smart Use of Online Tools
Entrepreneurs and small businesses across the country continue to inspire Microsoft’s commitment to providing affordable, enterprise grade technology that helps businesses of all sizes to start, grow and thrive.
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Start a Business & Manage Your Finances Like a Pro!

One of the initial aspects of starting the small-scale business is deciding on a business model. There are many options to select from, each with its own benefits and characteristics. For many small-scale business owners who want to incorporate, an LLC is the best option due to its efficiency, ease of operation, and capacity to safeguard private assets. Forming an LLC can be done through various ways. You could do it by yourself or obtain services from an entity that has expertise in business establishment. But before you move this far, make note of these simple things that you must be aware of prior to starting your own LLC:

What is an LLC? An LLC is an Limited Liability Company. This is essentially a legal entity which has one member, a "limited" owner who owns all shares of stock , or assets from the LLC. The others members are referred to as partners and also have restricted liability in the case that the owner falls behind on the duties he or she has to perform.

How to Start a Business

What's the first action to start an LLC? Step one is sign a registration form for your LLC's name. To register, you have two optionsavailable: you are able to use a "forms" for instance, or a book even a notary. After you've made the required choices, ensure you give the required information to the entity that is managing the process of making the necessary registrations for with your LLC name.

How can you list your LLCs? There are a variety of ways to do this. The most straightforward way to do this is to register the name of your LLC on the front of a 'bill of lading (also known as an insurance form for all types of businesses. Many brokerage houses have these forms for clients to purchase. If the brokerage you are working with doesn't offer one then you can visit your state's bureau of revenue to find out what the rules are for LLCs and the process to register them.

How can you begin a business for an LLC? A majority of states allow the organization to be registered as an LLC with no money or assets needing to register as an LLC. Certain states require that you have pay a "Registered Agent and others just require that you possess one. It is crucial that you are registered as an agent who is able to oversee the LLC.

Now that we've got the basics of how to start a business for an LLC then let's have a review of how to write one. LLC operating contract. When most people start their businesses, they usually do not put much thought into making an operating contract. Business owners often make it their mission to run their businesses as if they were personal property, and overlook their legal obligations to their customers. Due to this, it is easy for misfortune and abuse when you create in an LLC operating contract. Your business will run better and more effectively if it is spent time planning every aspect of the process, including finding some operating agreements templates.

It is possible to use an LLC Operating Agreement could also be helpful when you are managing multiple joint venture partnerhips or limited liability businesses. For example, many states permit a limited liability business to declare its owner as the representative for all those business-related transactions. It also means that any legal issues that arise will require a direct approach to the registered agent rather than to the other partners in the joint partnership. If the entity's owner the LLC is not responsible for serving as registered agent then they may be required to designate someone else to handle legal matters.

If you're looking to understand how to start a new business for an LLC it is possible to speak with a reputable attorney to help you get up and running. Since the laws on how to form an LLC are specific and unique, your lawyer is the best resource for you to help you figure it all out. Due to this, you should make sure you get a lawyer is well experienced and knowledgeable about the specifics of submitting paperwork and formation documents that are required for an LLC.